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We offer a broad range of PC and Mac consulting services to Small Businesses and Home Offices.

Green IT Solutions

What does “Green IT” really mean?

• Green use — reducing the energy consumption of computers and other information systems as well as using them in an environmentally sound manner
• Green design — designing energy-efficient and environmentally sound components, computers, servers, cooling equipment, and data centers
• Green disposal — refurbishing and reusing old computers and properly recycling unwanted computers and other electronic equipment
Green IT also strives to achieve economic viability and improved system performance and use, while abiding by our social and ethical responsibilities.

Contact us to find out more about how you can go “IT Green”. Ask about virtualizations solutions, energy efficient & power saving, disposing old equipment. Email to EscuNetwork

Quality Computer Consulting Services at Affordable Rates

Antivirus Protection

Words like "Trojan horse" or "worm" or "I love you" don't scare us!
We will ensure that you will receive the maximum and most up-to-date virus protection available. We do the work of monitoring the latest viruses that are out there and ensuring that you're informed by phone or email if any special precautions are needed to be taken over the existing protection that you already have.

Operating System Installation/Upgrade

Sometimes a computer upgrade is required to resolve certain day to day difficulties that you may encounter with your system.
For example if your computer has windows 2000, is unstable or unsecure, or if you need to change from a work station environment to a domain controlled setup.

Data Transfer, Backup & Recovery

Your most valuable asset is your data. In crunch times when your computer crashes and you need a new computer your computer can be replaced, however your most valuable asset, your data, can be lost and is irreplaceable.
We will ensure that your data is cared for and brought over to your new system with care. Our experts are also skilled at data recovery and will do their utmost to retrieve any data you have lost.


If you have more than one computer and you need to share files and internet access or if you need to share more than one printer or scanner amongst multiple computers, we are experts at finding the best solution for you, such as VIA cable or wireless.
We'll be able to guide you to the best possible solution for your networking needs.

PC & Mac Troubleshooting, Repairs & Upgrades

Preventative Maintenance

* Hardware Diagnostic Checks
* Optimized Hard Drive Storage Space
* Peak Processor Performance
* Software & Driver Updates
* Compatibility Software Check
* Protection Against Computer Crashes
* Data Backups
* Off-Site Storage
* Virus Protection
* Computer Cleaning (Interior & Casing)

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